Illinois Valley Catfish Trail


"2018" Catfish Tournaments Schedule"            

   These tournaments are for anyone who loves to catfish and or wanting to learn! Everyone  and anyone is welcome! Please read rules below and when and where tournaments are held.


           Tournaments:     (Illinois River)

                           (Entry fee $100 per boat at 95% payout.}


1.....  Ottawa Moose Catfish Tournament (Ottawa ,Allen Park)  6am - Noon.  May 6th, Sunday


2..... Seneca Catfish Tournament (Seneca's City Boat Ramp)   6am - Noon. May 20th, Sunday   


3..... BigV's Coed Catfish Tournament (Spring Valley, Barto's Landing)   6am - Noon,   June 17th , Sunday                

4..... Vic's Bar Catfish Tournament (Hennepin's City Boat Ramp)  6am - Noon, July 1st, Sunday

5..... St. Jude Charity Catfish Tournament (Lacon City Boat Ramp) 7am - 2pm, July 8th, Sunday (Different Rules apply see Calendar of Events page )

6.....  West End Tap 3 Man Catfish Tournament  (Spring Valley, Barto's Landing)   6am - Noon, July 15th,  Sunday


7.....  Jacks Bar  Catfish Tournament  (Spring Valley, Barto's Landing)    6am - Noon,  July 22nd, Sunday                      


8..... Sidetracked Bar Catfish Tournament (Hennepin's City Boat Ramp)  6am - Noon,  August 12th, Sunday


9..... Angels Bar Catfish Tournament (Ottawa ,Allen Park) 6am - Noon,  August 19th, Sunday

10.....Kids Catfish Tournament  (Spring Valley, Barto's Landing)  6am - Noon,   September 9th,  Sunday 

11..... Lacon Catfish Tournament (Lacon's City Boat Ramp)  6am - Noon,   October 14th, Sunday





1.   Up to three "3" people per boat. Please try and involve kids or adults over 65

2.   Three  poles per person but no more than six poles per boat even if you have three persons in your boat.

3.   Five  fish limit per boat at weigh in.

4.   All fish must be {ALIVE} when weighed in.  If fish are dead they cannot be weighed in!  

5.   Catfish only! Except that "NO" flathead catfish will be allowed to be weighed in.

6.   All fish weighed must be caught by rod and reel only!

7.   All tournaments start at 6:00am. and end at 12:00pm. {Noon}  Coming in  late may cause your team to be disqualified for that tournament.

8.   Arrive  early that morning for entry fee check in signup. Please no last minute check in's before tournament. Boats and livewells subject to be checked.

9.   Fishing  boundaries are from Dam to Dam and all waterways in between.

10.  Entry fee per team: Tournaments are $100 per boat. Some various tournaments are $60 per boat.

11.  All tournaments will pay out First place through Sixth place in every tournament as well as two big fish pots. Payout places subject to change if  less than 20 boats.  Also plaques and or trophy's will be awarded to the top three places.

12.  Tournaments  will payout (95%) of all accumulated fees. (5%) will be held for trophies and or plaques. Other related tournaments payouts is unknown.

13.   In case of extreme water/weather conditions, IVCT  reserves the right  to postpone or cancel any tournament with the return of entry fees if already started for safety reasons.

14.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for disqualification if circumstances require. Decision of Tournament Director will be final.

15.  Any protest must be made to the tournament director within 30 minutes following the end of the official weigh-in. A protest must state the rule number(s) broken.

16.  When signing up for a tournament that morning  you  hereby release  IVCT and all participating sponsors of that tournament from any loss of property, bodily injury, or loss of life that may occur in that tournament.                                                                                                                                                                                    17.  Breaking of these rules and or cheating will ban you and your team for life!!!  We take this very seriously!!!   We like to practice catch and release, so please after weigh in, release all fish. 

                                                     Good luck and be safe!

      *****************************************************************************************************************                                                                                                                                                                                          For any questions or information click on "Contact Us" and submit your question or feel free to call Pete Moreland at 815-830-6477 or email him at [email protected]



Various Catfishing Photos below!

                Herman "Buck" Emmerling (left)    Ryan "Big V" Vecchia (right)



                                                        Mike  "Killer" Kowalski


                                                          Dave "Tuna" Wertz


                                                     Mike Crickman  "Cricket" 



                                                                 Tom Bassetti