Illinois Valley Catfish Trail


     "Welcome everyone to the "2018"Illinois Valley Catfish Trail website which contains all information needed to come along and fish our catfish tournaments held throughout the year."

      Everyone and anyone  is welcome in fishing one or more or all of our friendly catfish tournaments that will be held . No membership required to fish them. Just show up with your entry fee a boat and a partner or partners up to 3 in a boat.

   Illinois Valley Catfish Trail is a non profit tournament trail. Most all tournaments will supply a "Free" lunch for participants only, paid for by sponsors after each tournament. Also all winners of plaques and  or trophies are presented by IVCT.  The entry fee for tournaments is $100 at 95% payout and 5% for plaques or trophies.  Payouts for every tournament will be  paid to the top six places as well as other fish pot.  "Please support all our sponsors for the tournaments that they sponsor. They make this all possible." 

    Feel free to click on any link at the top of this page for all information and  previous to present tournament photos as well as various photos. Also, be sure and click on "Tournaments and Rules" for this years catfishing tournament schedule and rules as well.

   Please sign up to become an Illinois Valley Catfish Trail  "Free" site "Member".  In doing so you will receive an email as a reminder before each tournament schedued. Thanks and hope to see you at our tournaments held throughout the year and or here on our website!  


               Various Catfishing Photos below!

                               Mike Crickman "Cricket"

                                                        Mike Stuckert



                                            Bob "Kozi" Kozikowski



                                                            Drake Doucette


                                                     Ryan "Big V" Vecchia


                                               Dan Crickman 


                                                          Tony Rue



                                                           Trevor Petzel


                                               Drake & Henna Doucette



         Evan Vecchia, Christian Stefaniak and Evan Stefaniak



                                                        Jim Smoode



                                     Dan Kasperski


                                              Jeanette Kneebone




                       Grady Sandor & Grandpa Steve Sandor